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Partial chat log from Meebo chat room - Day 1




Please fill in any gaps. Thanks!



17:55 amoration: Nice one Ruby, change on change.org

17:55 geodog1: ??? re change.org

17:55 amoration: (sorry, confusing my twitter and meebo!)

17:55 amoration:


17:56 ruby: Thanks.


17:56 micah1: tweebo

17:56 missrogue: lol

17:56 amoration: "there's a revolution starting, but it's just barely starting" from the panel in TI

17:56 amoration: "there are so many different things that open mean"

17:57 factoryjoe: ti yeah, ogg needs more support...

17:57 ruby: social Taking It Global is getting some tough criticism!

17:57 factoryjoe: ti sadly, ogg is more of a religious choice than a practical one

17:57 factoryjoe: ti maybe we need a Miro Device?

17:58 micah1: ti is this in the public interest or the pubic interest?

17:58 amoration: TI: watch TV on your walls, on any mobile device you like. From MIRO: Are we too early? So many of these spaces get defined early and we do not want a closed system to be de facto standard.

17:59 hcronk: si: question to takingitglobal about leadership pathways for the youth on their site

17:59 hcronk: giving examples from several UN-related summits

17:59 amoration: lol micah....public interest = pubic interest?

17:59 factoryjoe: ti it took google to make firefox? really?

17:59 micah1: jeez

17:59 quixotic: takingitglobal is long, but it's not difficult. try giving someone an @genocideintervention.net email over the phone...

17:59 kanter: si one project, finally I'd like to say a few words about social impact since that is what this session is about

17:59 micah1: major use of democracy player is porn

18:00 hcronk: si: FINALLY someone has stats!!

18:00 tantek: ti start with Creative Commons licesning your content (e.g. video) no matter what format you publish in so that others can take your content and convert it to more open formats

18:00 missrogue: ti google's money has bloated firefox

18:00 factoryjoe: ti @missrogue -- how?

18:00 factoryjoe: can you be more specific?

18:00 amoration: ti just a wrapper around a proprietary player? how do you handle content control?

18:01 missrogue: ti I stopped using it because it started to chug-a-lug

18:01 amoration: good note Tantek on CC

18:01 missrogue: ti and from many others...I've heard the same thing

18:01 amoration: yes, same here, although i'll give it one more try when they move out of beta.

18:02 factoryjoe: ti i don't see a causal relationship between google funding and code performance...

18:02 missrogue: ti maybe that isn't "Google's money", but I'm just refuting the statement that google made firefox what it is today

18:03 missrogue: ti Wiserearth is really nice and light

18:03 amoration: ti talking Obama campaign

18:04 missrogue: ti Did they code it from scratch? or off of any other base?

18:04 sarahdavies: ti "obama campaign looked for a way to disseminate information without putting up walls"

18:04 factoryjoe: ti they who?

18:04 neilford: missrogue: wiserearth.org

18:04 amoration: see you in SI room, wrapping up soon in TI.

18:05 missrogue: ti yeah, I know it's wiserearth.org...that's what I'm saying. It's nice.

18:05 missrogue: ti "They" being their 'community' of developers

18:05 sarahdavies: ti TI is done

18:05 missrogue: that they were talking about

18:05 neilford: sorry, I missed off the question mark my bad!

18:05 micah1: i'm going to moderate the next Social Impact session

18:05 factoryjoe: breaktime!

18:05 ruby: OK, Ivan and I up on the hot seat next after the break!

18:06 geodog1: wondering if micah is going to be as sharp (cutting?) as a moderator ....

18:07 sarahdavies: seems like 15 minutes isn't much time for question and answer.... perhaps they should have picked fewer projects?

18:08 quixotic: yes come hear about the Genocide Intervention Network's social impact!

18:12 amoration: i'm there Quixotic, blogging you...

18:12 amoration: will be less chatty here, moving to N2Y2 blog. good luck quixotic and all presenters!

18:13 ruby: Thanks, EvoAmo!

18:21 Meebo Message: guest1290 is now known as kfox.myopenid.com1

18:21 kfox.myopenid.com1: hows things

18:21 neilford: everyone's on a break

18:22 hcronk: si: getting started...

18:22 hcronk: genocide intervention network is up first

18:22 hcronk: ruby's up front on this one...

18:23 Meebo Message: guest8719 is now known as agenthandy

18:23 agenthandy: anyone have a canon camera battery charger?

18:25 geodog1: si Ivan Boothe "build out the brand of the anti-genocide network"

18:25 geodog1: interesting choice of terms

18:25 Meebo Message: guest4264 is now known as missrogue

18:25 missrogue: in the econ room

18:26 geodog1: ruby announced change of jobs? (goes to check blog)

18:26 Meebo Message: guest9700 is now known as factoryjoe

18:26 factoryjoe: review, please prefix your messages: ti inno tech, es econ, si social impact

18:27 hcronk: si: how can you better highlight the stories of people impacted by the anti-genocide movement?

18:27 sarahdavies: ti cio of macarthur foundation is speaking

18:28 sarahdavies: ti round of applause for firefox

18:28 factoryjoe: @sarahdavies: context for applause?

18:28 hcronk: si GIN is working to collect stories of refugees for members of network to pass along

18:28 geodog1: si "amplify voices"

18:29 agenthandy: si


18:29 agenthandy: si


18:29 geodog1: sinot gatekeepers

18:29 missrogue:


18:29 missrogue: coming up soon

18:29 missrogue: ti sorry

18:30 missrogue: es lol

18:30 factoryjoe: btw, props to cisco for sweet, working wifi!

18:30 sarahdavies: ti innovators (the skit kids) are up

18:30 hcronk: hey, can somone in ES ask freecycle about this?


18:30 factoryjoe: (then again, i'd hope that they'd get it right)

18:31 hcronk: si: micah asked how $100k is useful for features, rather than to hire organizers

18:32 missrogue: es which part of it do you want to have clarified?

18:32 missrogue: es we're about to embark on working with Freecycle.org

18:32 missrogue: es as a volunteer donation to netsquared

18:32 hcronk: [es} i'm especially interested in the trademarking controversy

18:32 geodog1: si Micah - "we are opening it up to wisdom of the crowds"

18:33 factoryjoe: es that wikipedia story is interesting

18:33 missrogue: es trademarking is touchy

18:33 factoryjoe: es hence community marks... though community marks might not stand up in commercial application

18:33 hcronk: si audience question: how do you know that members want this "movement identity" thing?

18:33 missrogue: es we just trademarked Citizen Agency ... it's a tough one

18:34 missrogue: es I can see various waste management companies co-opt Freecycling

18:34 geodog1: freecycle response to controversy?

18:34 hcronk: si answer: people have seemed to like that approach, so that's the direction GIN is going

18:35 sarahdavies: ti innovators want to train social entrepreneurs to tell their stories, and then have them take over the message distribution

18:35 missrogue: es they are sitting beside me, but not up yet

18:36 factoryjoe: es freecycle: 3.5M members in 75+ groups... 10K volunteers and 1 staff member

18:36 missrogue: es 10,000 volunteers and one staff person

18:37 eschipul: {econ sust] raising money to fund 100k new web site

18:37 eschipul: make that freecycle

18:37 sarahdavies: ti innovators would like someone to write scripts to automate info transfer between several 3rd party apps

18:38 hcronk: si: ivan's talking about his connection to the anti-genocide movement and how it got started out of swarthmore

18:39 geodog1: si ivan boothe is speaking very well

18:39 hcronk: si: NABUUR is up

18:40 ruby: How did we do?

18:40 factoryjoe: es yes, if freecycle charged, it'd be called "feecycle"

18:40 hcronk: @ruby: great stuff -- and no mention of widgets


18:38 sarahdavies: ti how to do help social innovators tell a compelling story?

18:38 quixotic: pics and info from the Genocide Intervention Network's proposal:


18:38 geodog1: @ruby -- good stuff

18:38 geodog1: did you also semi-announce a job change?

18:38 quixotic: @geodog thanks

18:38 geodog1: nothing on your blog

18:38 hcronk: si: how does NABUUR scale?

18:39 kanter: (ei) if freecycle charged fees it would no longer be "freecycle" it would be "feecycle"

18:39 sarahdavies: ti how do you differentiate yourselves in a crowded space?

18:39 factoryjoe: jinx!

18:39 kanter: but I got a photo

18:40 matt: mohamed eunice?

18:40 sarahdavies: ti updated live content is better than a blog updated by staffers

18:40 ruby: @geodog:


18:40 ruby: si Thanks all. Of course all I did was sit there.

18:41 matt: brameen bank?

18:41 sarahdavies: ti how do you get old people to want to tell their stories? make it quick and easy and use old technologies like phones

18:41 geodog: grameen bank

18:42 geodog:


18:42 NurtureGirl: Genocide Intervention Network so totally gets what Web 2.0 is about. They should hold a session to share what they are doing so that more of the projects here see clearly what the practices of Web 2.0 look like.

18:43 matt: oh, ok


18:43 ruby: si BTW, thanks to Micah for letting projects introduce themselves.

18:43 quixotic: thanks nurturegirl

18:44 factoryjoe: es freecycle member argues that freecycle cannot charge

18:44 hcronk: si: local communities are telling other local communities about NABUUR, getting 5-10 new applications per week w/o the staff doing anything

18:45 hcronk: si: question: have you built functionality allowing the site to come to me, rather than searching it myself?

18:45 missrogue: es with a passionate community like this comes backlash...that's the answer

18:45 sarahdavies: ti what about social innovators in the developing world who don't have technology? we can use a mobile phone

18:45 missrogue: es and this is a seriously passionate community (freecycle.org)

18:46 hcronk: si: answer: just the search engine, basically -- it's one of their needs

18:46 sarahdavies: ti grassroots.org is up

18:46 kanter: (es) can a seriously passionate community leverage economic sustainbility?

18:46 hcronk: si: how does NABUUR ensure quality in resource/skill distribution?

18:47 suzboop: Can someone in the TI session let us know when Taking IT global is up? (I am session hopping/ short attentipon span, etc.)

18:47 sarahdavies: ti what's the evaluation criteria for organizations? who gets your services? it's not selective, it's if you're a nonprofit or not

18:48 sarahdavies: ti and you're not violating human rights

18:48 hcronk: si: answer: the site isn't about expertise, actually, just connecting the dots and doing the best folks can

18:48 kanter: (es) goofy hobbies to find cloth to create with

18:49 hcronk: si: question: how are you handling this "volunteer matching" thing when it's not in real time or real space?

18:49 eschipul: freecycle love fest going on in econ sust...

18:49 sonny: can someone is social impact...say when aspiration is up

18:49 sarahdavies: ti grassroots hosts 800 drupal sites through a san francisco org

18:50 nicaventania: sonny - I'll give you a heads up when they're on

18:50 hcronk: si: answer: hmm...did anyone catch the answer? i'm a little confused...

18:51 hcronk: si: question: where are the access points? answer: internet cafes.

18:51 sonny: @nica...thanks

18:51 ruby: si Sonny, Aspiration should be in about 15 minutes.

18:51 NurtureGirl: Nabuur consider...reputation as a way to assure quality (that is not limited to people as "experts").

18:52 ruby: si NABUUR is done, next G W L N.

18:54 rachelweidinger: si i just found a stack of handy explainatory sheets about the format of the conference on my table. ("Welcome to NetSquared Year Two!..." anybody else seen these?

18:54 NurtureGirl: short sessions don't allow for long resumes Yeah!

18:54 ruby: si @ Rachel, no but that sounds helpful.

18:55 suzboop: si global women's leadership netw-- covering broad front of social impact/ they measure their impact by impact of womens' projects Q-- Can you specify the audiences that you seek to serve? How will they benefit from your solution?

18:55 kanter: @rachel .. the sheet with the dots on it?

18:55 geodog: @rachel -- just say it for the first time

18:55 geodog: saw

18:55 geodog: one piece of paper with no heading

18:55 hcronk: just lots of text

18:55 rachelweidinger: yep.

18:56 rachelweidinger: @kanter--different one.

18:56 suzboop: si answr- they decided to have partners in the countries who need leadership education/ how can they do it besdies just yahoo groups and concalls/ how can they provide a network of support via technology?

18:57 quixotic: si gwln current site not reflective of where they want to go

18:57 quixotic: si moving in a new direction

18:57 quixotic: si will there be more clear calls to action?

19:00 quixotic: si gwln: have already solved one of their problems by connecting with another org. here

19:00 geodog: si great quote "until i came hear today, I didn't know about half the technologies that i now know exist"

19:00 suzboop: si GWLN --are there opps in your networks taht will be intuitive to the users who come to their site? It wasn't a clear call to action

19:01 geodog: si that is great shout out to netsquared

19:01 quixotic: woot woot

19:01 sarahdavies: ti grassroots plans to increase sustainability by selling customization for fees

19:01 kanter23: (es) best quote in es session so far


19:01 ruby: si Nice question, Micah. "What itch are you scratching?"

19:02 suzboop: si GWLN- q-- What is the engine fo ryour growth? what problems are you trying to solve/ she mentions partners in turkey who want to work w/them

19:03 suzboop: si it will be a network of orgs, rather than individuals

19:04 suzboop: si Q- What happens after the interaction? How will you track success amd impact

19:04 eschipul: not in that panel, but if grassroots is going to sell customization for fees, they better be efficient!

19:05 suzboop: si GWLN- do you target specific demographics in specific countries?

19:05 suzboop: si no, we are not focusing on demographics

19:06 kanter23:


19:06 suzboop: si we are looking for project specifics, not demographics, it will differ by projects, looking for passion of projects

19:06 kanter23:


19:06 sonny: Someone from NPower posed a good question to Grassroots about the strategy and planning process needed in web development that is not part of cookie cutter CMS implementation

19:06 sonny: wasn't really anwsered

19:07 suzboop: si global fund for women, interested in funding projects in different countries

19:08 suzboop: si Q- What is your biggest success?

19:08 hcronk: si: does the other woman up on the panel get to talk AT ALL??

19:09 ruby: []si] @ hcronk, maybe she's just there for support...? What was her role again?

19:09 geodog: si what are your metrics for success

19:10 speechpoet: Hey, all - a remote conference chat has started at


19:10 suzboop: si during the training, we have projects formulate a quantifiable report about their project. they track fo rfirst three month

19:10 ruby: @Sonny, Aspiration is up now!

19:10 geodog: si people are asked to bring a project they want to do

19:10 hcronk: si: @ruby: don't think anyone mentioned her role

19:11 nicaventania: go gunner!

19:11 eschipul: kabissa presenting in econ sustainability

19:11 geodog: Gunner is rocking and rolling as always

19:12 geodog: si badge word

19:12 geodog: si up

19:12 NurtureGirl: Wow! Badge...first time I heard that today

19:12 hcronk: first time i heard "hella cool"

19:12 geodog: si SSC will have badges and open APIs on next version

19:13 geodog: si metrics for sucess

19:13 geodog: sc we are the plumbing for the facility

19:13 geodog: si hard to get excited about the plumbing

19:13 kanter23: (es) kabissa's definition of web2.0 is broader than web includes cell phones

19:14 geodog: si soical impact in allowing nps to find tools and processes quickly

19:14 geodog: si and not spend time on tech

19:14 suzboop: si social impact is the same for all three, save time to help orgs focus on their missions

19:14 geodog: si don't have statistics

19:14 geodog: si just love bombs

19:15 geodog: si tells story about book for wireless tech in dev world

19:15 suzboop: silove bombs= kudos

19:15 Meebo Message: guest2376 is now known as sonny

19:15 sonny: only gunner can get away with using the term love bomb

19:15 geodog: si no matic or spreadsheet

19:15 ruby: @ Kanter, I think mobile phones can totally be web 2.0. It's all about individual voices being published & amplified.

19:15 geodog: @sonny - yup

19:15 suzboop: si I thought not everyone would know that term

19:15 geodog: si Micah -- is this for geeks only

19:16 geodog: ?

19:16 eschipul: a billion different tools - sounds good, but not perhaps focused for success?? (kabissa - econ sust panel)

19:16 geodog: si Gunner, we have 1,700 tools, visits doubling monthly

19:17 geodog: si soon we will have stories and case studies that can be consumed by people who can't just process lists

19:17 eschipul: kabissa board member - training is a differentiator for kabissa "they offer the complete package to NGOs..."

19:17 suzboop: si how much of your traffic comes through search and how much comes through people knowing your site

19:17 suzboop: si our page views are increasing but he didn't know the answer exactly

19:17 geodog: si Our traffic tools don't tell us how much view comes from RSS vs HTML

19:18 suzboop: si answer= 50/50 google vs other sources

19:18 geodog: si Tim W says 50% search, 50% other

19:18 suzboop: si at least 25% international presence in our community

19:18 geodog: si will localize to another lang sooner

19:18 suzboop: si how do you turn people visiting your site into members

19:19 geodog: si how turn visitors to members?

19:19 hcronk: si tim has very good posture

19:19 geodog: si another tim




19:20 geodog: total world domination

19:20 suzboop: si i have been wondering who was going to invent this tool

19:20 agenthandy: si automagical syndication tag mapping

19:20 tantek: what about a feed could possibly be "smart"?

19:20 NurtureGirl: SSC--who is doing the tagging? and can it be used for quality/reputation? (Just wondering)

19:21 geodog: si @tantek -- the intelligence used to get the information that is put into the feed

19:21 rachelweidinger: @agent- yay 'automagical'!

19:21 agenthandy: si @nurturegirl i totally agree with being able to "clean" the stream also

19:21 ruby: FYI everyone visit and sign up @ http://SocialSourceCommons.org

19:21 sonny: one thing that i'm doing with nptech Pipes is doing a preliminary filter through yahoo's tagging engine

19:21 suzboop: si it would be great if it could be universal tagging, so your tag could infdicate and signal that all people who subscribe to the "xxx whatever" tag, could get the feed, taht's the idea, yes?

19:22 geodog: si why is this just for nonprofits?

19:22 geodog: si good question

19:22 agenthandy: si @suz so you don't have to go to a million places, right?

19:22 ruby: si @ SuzBoop, I think people can use tags on SSC any way they want.

19:23 ruby: [si} Or did I miss the point?

19:23 geodog: si Gunner on soapbox -- far to often np's have to use business language

19:23 suzboop: si @ruby and @agent, yes that was what i was asking

19:23 sonny: after the automated tagging...there is still the need for manual editing

19:23 geodog: si Gunner -- signal to noise problem with business

19:23 agenthandy: si @sonny TOTALLY!!!

19:23 suzboop: si for ex, i don't have to blog the same entry in five blogs

19:23 geodog: Gunner rocks

19:24 sonny: @gunner...Salesforce.com has a nonprofit template that is nonprofit user friendly...not a great example

19:24 suzboop: not that i am a spammer

19:24 rachelweidinger: si re: soapbox...np appropriate language can be uh...trivialized easily, you just need a channel 'dj' ala spinner.com who knows the lingo of the channel.

19:24 agenthandy: si i agree @sus it's insane

19:24 ruby: Break. I follow Ivan to Tech Innovation next.

19:24 sonny: *sorry...a snarky sensative point for me

19:25 tantek: automated tagging isn't really tagging in the folksonomy sense of the word. folksonomy requires "folks" (people) to do the tagging, not computers.

19:26 tantek: i'm starting to twitter instead of meebo because twitter has permalinks and archives and meebo does not AFAIK.

19:27 rachelweidinger: @tantek - nerd.

19:28 tantek: @rachelweidinger: *blush*

19:28 sonny: i think beth has plans to post all this content...for it will not be lost

19:32 kfox.myopenid.com1: Pibb auto archives...

19:33 kfox.myopenid.com1: all you need is an OpenID account

19:38 rachelweidinger: es brrrrr.

19:40 kfox.myopenid.com1: Pibb has permalinks

19:44 quixotic: back...

19:44 quixotic:

19:48 guest7359: ti the tech innivation room is running very late and there's hardly any room to sit.

19:48 Meebo Message: guest7359 is now known as ruby

19:48 hcronk: si: youth assets is up

19:48 ruby: ti Let's get this party started!

19:49 suzboop: si there is lotsa room in here ruby!

19:49 hcronk: si yep, come on down!!

19:49 suzboop: si youth assets gets HIV info to youth in africa

19:49 ruby: I can't, GInet is on Tech Innovation yet. (I'm the champion)

19:50 ruby: ti of course it's all guy experts on this panel.

19:50 suzboop: si how accessible is youth assets to people with disabilities, b/c they are more succeptible to HIV AIDS

19:51 suzboop: si accessibility is a key issue when you are working with youth who are not literate ass well as people with physical disabilities (they use audio, for ex, to bring access to this info)

19:52 suzboop: si how do you ensure youth enagagement (i.e. with cell phones?)

19:52 ruby: ti GWLN has a simple matrix of the tech tools they want to use. Good idea.

19:52 suzboop: si we will partner with local providers 9just like global women network)

19:53 suzboop: si what up with the feedback onthe microphone?

19:53 suzboop: si example of watching youth cut and paste code in myspace

19:54 rachelweidinger: es yay kevin jones! great choice of panelists.

19:54 suzboop: si they are only a 2 month old project

19:54 suzboop: si can't talk about social impact yet

19:55 suzboop: si @agenthandy-- this seems like a project aligned w/youthnoise

19:56 Meebo Message: guest2962 is now known as micah

19:56 micah: si hello

19:56 suzboop: si is online the best way to engage with HIV youth? for ex, why not radio?

19:56 suzboop: si hi micah

19:57 suzboop: si our project will identiofy local content that youth will use

19:58 suzboop: si broadcast is not two-way communication/ youth can advocate fo rthemselves/ 2 directions is better for youth

19:58 suzboop: si @agenthandy-- this seems like a project aligned w/youthnoise--agree?

19:58 suzboop: si capture data for local service providers and collect money (a la Kiva) for their enterprise

19:59 agenthandy: si @suz i do agree

20:00 agenthandy: si i think yn could help with the platform

20:00 agenthandy: si and connecting youth from global north / south

20:00 suzboop: si @agent-- you should def. connect with them

20:00 agenthandy: si yes! i gave them my card

20:01 suzboop: si mercycorps would be a good option for them too

20:02 agenthandy: si also pulsewire

20:02 suzboop: si mission is to get knowledge to HIV AIDS resources on cellphones to youth in africa

20:03 suzboop: si exp- that they couuld not get from their parents or when they are isolated in their huts in africa

20:03 suzboop: si also getting them clothes, water, resources

20:03 agenthandy: si anne-christine d'adesky could be a good person for them also

20:03 suzboop: si how would that work, is that their kiva aspect?

20:04 agenthandy: si pulsewire's craigslist feature would do what they are looking for

20:04 suzboop: si why not any other org doing the same thing? why is this tech format more relevant over a community org format

20:04 agenthandy: si and yn's channels could help with outreach

20:04 agenthandy: and connection

20:04 suzboop: si they think tech would communicate and collaboarate more effectively

20:05 Meebo Message: guest6707 is now known as akrasne

20:05 akrasne: Maplight.org

Put giant database on how every politician votes on every bill


20:06 hcronk: and how that relates to the money they take

20:06 suzboop: si you can see patterns on how votes are made

20:06 akrasne: reforming money and poilitics

20:06 agenthandy: si how do you get people to care?

20:06 suzboop: si woot! good eleavtor speech

20:06 suzboop: si this has potential to hit people where they live, if you can get people to care, how to get people engaged

20:07 agenthandy: si a question i've heard asked all day

20:07 agenthandy: si strategic communications project /// (target marketing)

20:07 suzboop: si strategic comunications project- designed to be useful to people writing to legislators

20:07 agenthandy: si access to facts helps people who are already working on their issues

20:08 akrasne: if you're just getting stuff to people who already care, you want to get stuff to people who don't yet care, but ought to

20:09 agenthandy: si people do care // w/o the money and politics data it makes you cynical. the data gives you the context for change.

20:09 suzboop: si getting people to care/ engagement/ there is a system taht encourages engagement

20:10 suzboop: si added layer of agency for people who are already engaged

20:10 suzboop: si danger is that you become moveon in spam filter

20:10 akrasne: we're not trying to become another social network

20:10 agenthandy: si do you buy it that it's really just money and politics that makes people want to make change?

20:10 micah: si the criticism of Maplight is that it doesn't solve other problems, such as voter apathy, or giving people agency so they can mass their campaign donations more effectively

20:10 suzboop: si we are not trying to be another social network

20:10 agenthandy: si it's pretty simplistic answers, i agree

20:11 suzboop: si i am guilty of trashing my moveon emails

20:11 agenthandy: si me2

20:11 akrasne: me3

20:11 agenthandy: si widgitize

20:11 Meebo Message: guest2763 is now known as nicaventania

20:11 nicaventania: @suz: you're not alone

20:12 micah: Moveon cries wolf too often

20:12 agenthandy: si original data is the new pink

20:12 suzboop: si if you can bring information to their database, as a user, you are contributing to the users' voting choices

20:12 agenthandy: si i agree @micah!

20:12 akrasne: on maplight, you can see the original data, create a custom url.

20:12 akrasne: why a new org?

20:12 agenthandy: si why a new org?

20:12 suzboop: si q- i have used similar tools (in 2004 election cycle) why you guys?

20:13 suzboop: si we are different b/c we take donation data and add it to how people vote

20:13 agenthandy: si mash-up to votes

20:13 agenthandy: si this is voluntary mapping?

20:13 agenthandy: si because i thought voting was private ?

20:13 suzboop: si links money to politics

20:14 suzboop: si if you buy that people vote their pocketbooks vs. their hearts

20:14 suzboop: si which is what @agent was syain

20:14 suzboop: saying

20:14 suzboop: si site is aimed at advocacy orgs, issue related nonprofits

20:14 agenthandy: si make people upset instead of cynical

20:14 nicaventania: Does anybody know if this is just for federal legislators or for local legislation too?


20:15 hcronk: si federal and california now, new york is on the horizon

20:15 suzboop: si we have every bill that comes to the gov't.

20:15 quixotic: tech innovation meeboers represent....where are you?

20:15 suzboop: si we can be the resource for narrow focus orgs

20:15 suzboop: si that to me, is the key that makes them diffferent

20:15 agenthandy: si so they're trying to give access to users to target their causes?

20:16 eschipul: Miro - biz model maybe similar to Mozilla which gets a portion of google searches from mozilla home page??

20:16 suzboop: si yes @agent

20:16 nicaventania: @ hcronk- thks

20:16 agenthandy: si got it ...

20:16 quixotic: gunner: ssc wants to support "the lonely, isolated, alienated nptech person."

20:16 suzboop: si q- how can we repair the process to encourgae better policy making vs. just mpore tranparent policy making

20:16 quixotic: oops ti

20:16 eschipul: democracy player as a natural extension of public tv - judge in Econ Sust panel

20:17 quixotic: *ti gunner: ssc wants to support "the lonely, isolated, alienated nptech person."

20:17 ruby: ti I think Ivan and I are the only chatters in here. Tantek is here but is posting updates to Twitter now.




20:15 quixotic: tech innovation meeboers represent....where are you?

20:15 suzboop: si we can be the resource for narrow focus orgs

20:15 suzboop: si that to me, is the key that makes them diffferent

20:15 agenthandy: si so they're trying to give access to users to target their causes?

20:16 eschipul: Miro - biz model maybe similar to Mozilla which gets a portion of google searches from mozilla home page??

20:16 suzboop: si yes @agent

20:16 nicaventania: @ hcronk- thks

20:16 agenthandy: si got it ...

20:16 quixotic: gunner: ssc wants to support "the lonely, isolated, alienated nptech person."

20:16 suzboop: si q- how can we repair the process to encourgae better policy making vs. just mpore tranparent policy making

20:16 quixotic: oops ti

20:16 eschipul: democracy player as a natural extension of public tv - judge in Econ Sust panel

20:17 quixotic: *ti gunner: ssc wants to support "the lonely, isolated, alienated nptech person."

20:17 ruby: ti I think Ivan and I are the only chatters in here. Tantek is here but is posting updates to Twitter now.



20:17 eschipul: a meebo expat??

20:18 agenthandy: si illuminating the connection between money and politics

20:18 agenthandy: si nonpartisan data provider

20:18 suzboop: si q-- is there a way that you can connect with partisan grouops who will advocate certain postions?

20:18 agenthandy: si planning a "solution center" hmmmm (sounds familiar)

20:19 suzboop: si widgitizing -- new word?

20:19 suzboop: si

20:19 akrasne: taxonomy of 400 industry codes

20:19 akrasne: fun!

20:19 agenthandy: si yes! widgitizing is the new version of new

20:19 mcg: as someone not actually at the conference, i'm finding this chat to be more revealing than the other channels. it has a nice flavor. thank you to the contributors.

20:20 akrasne: si question: more states?

20:20 suzboop: si they use gov't taxonomy to determine where money comes from

20:20 akrasne: si plan to cover 52% of population

20:20 agenthandy: si like guidestar?

20:20 suzboop: si this channel is actually several rooms in one channel

20:20 agenthandy: si yay farmer to farmer!

20:20 suzboop: si farmer to farmer is up now

20:20 quixotic: @mcg don't forget


20:20 suzboop: si open source web tool,

20:21 akrasne: si allows farmers to register cropping activities

20:21 agenthandy: si used by 60k farmers around the world

20:21 mcg: ah! well, all right then. what are the feeds?

20:21 agenthandy: si they need money

20:21 suzboop: si user-ferindly system

20:21 quixotic: @mcg actually this is more what i meant:


20:21 agenthandy: si i gave them a dollar!

20:21 akrasne: si you would expect competition, but there is more collaboration

20:22 mcg: ah right

20:22 akrasne: si ther's a lot of tension between countries, but solidarity among villages

20:22 agenthandy: si tension between countries // not in regions though

20:22 akrasne: si mostly coffee

20:22 suzboop: si in villages you can see that people are eager to share with each other

20:23 suzboop: si speaker comes from farming community, he said that it's non-competitive, people want to help

20:23 eschipul: Miro - "none of the content comes through us" "we are a browser for video" "we never touch the content" getdemocracy.com

20:23 agenthandy: si farmers used to come together all the time

20:23 agenthandy: si now we need the internet

20:23 agenthandy: si hmmm

20:23 eschipul: .. as a strategy to limit bandwidth and liability I guess (econ. sust panel)

20:23 suzboop: si q-- can we integrate compliancy issues to create collaborative communities amongst the farmers, how to scale it?

20:23 agenthandy: si @eschipul NEVER?

20:24 eschipul: @agenthandy - his words, but isn't that what napster did while still having central "index" servers

20:24 akrasne: si is there any way for me (as a consumer of coffee), i'd like to do a one-to-one match to generate funds from individual coffee addicts

20:24 suzboop: si Q--how can we suppport your project?

20:24 agenthandy: si all the money people spend on coffee by coffee addicts ... how can we put it towards this?

20:24 eschipul: this only matters if copy protected content shows up as a liability I suspect

20:24 agenthandy: @ed i'm facinated

20:25 akrasne: si sustainable coffee growing rapidly

20:25 suzboop: si this is another case for kiva... why not them?

20:25 akrasne: si coffee IVs

20:25 agenthandy: si they help farmers report on sustainability

20:25 agenthandy: si already happening

20:25 suzboop: si maybe kiva cannot get the projects b/c they have too much demand

20:25 agenthandy: si using for last 4 years

20:26 akrasne: si farmers pay for system

20:26 suzboop: si we have been using this system for four years, vietnam

20:26 akrasne: si paid for by coffee addicts

20:26 akrasne: si starbucks

20:26 suzboop: si look for certified coffee

20:26 akrasne: si need $165,000

20:23 agenthandy: si yay coffee

20:24 agenthandy: si he just asked for a $1

20:24 suzboop: si as a consumer, you can support projects by buying certified

20:24 akrasne: si 60,000 farmers using this

20:24 agenthandy: si i wish my camera wasn't dead. i took a pic w/ my $1 and him

20:24 suzboop: si q-- how strong is this system, impact is phenomenal

20:24 agenthandy: si they are being told they aren't giving themselves enough props

20:24 akrasne: si system being used, needs to come thru more clearly in materials

20:25 akrasne: si move past excel spreadsheets

20:25 suzboop: si leverage your impact, huge success

20:25 agenthandy: si how do you deal w/ bad bandwidth ?

20:25 akrasne: si how to deal with bad bandwidth? don't use creative commons (use GPL)

20:25 suzboop: si how do you deal with bandwidth, how will you scale your tech impact, why not creative commmons?

20:25 agenthandy: si gpl instead of commons

20:25 akrasne: becuase GPL for software

20:25 akrasne: si CC is for content

20:26 agenthandy: si n2y2 has helped them articulate their reach

20:26 suzboop: si "holy ****, we have a lot of users"

20:26 suzboop: (direct quote)

20:26 agenthandy: @ed i would imagine so ... part of why i was asking moderation question w/ regard to citizen journalism earlier

20:26 suzboop: si 30-40 million may potentially benefit

20:26 akrasne: si if you look at savings, $200 per farm additional income

20:27 akrasne: si huge savings

20:27 agenthandy: si they just got another $1

20:27 agenthandy: !

20:27 akrasne: si questions from the audience: social trend fads=eating locally

20:27 ruby: ti My question for NABUUR: Why is your name capitalized, since it is a word?

20:27 suzboop: si q-- social impact-- eating locally, affect on the climate

20:27 eschipul: Stop Family violence - online for 7 yrs with 30k subscribers - to me this is a platform that sounds like a great place to move forward!

20:27 agenthandy: si 100 mile diet!

20:28 akrasne: si how do support you, and address coming trend?

20:28 suzboop: hey guys-- can we publicize this back channel better tomorrow

20:28 agenthandy: @ed haven't really gotten to see them yet!

20:28 akrasne: si big push in US to only eat local foods, and people getting funded. it means giving up addictions (coffee, choc, mangos)

20:28 suzboop: so many netsquared/techsoup people do not know about it

20:29 akrasne: si japan went from tea drinking nation, to largest coffee importer/brazil imports 30% of own supply

20:29 agenthandy:

20:29 ruby: @ Suz, pls tell Daniel or whoever is kicking things off.

20:29 ruby: We just made it up during the morning session.

20:29 akrasne: si creating an innovative response to a politically correct trend (addressed to whole group)

20:30 akrasne: si how many farmers come together, how is it shared? circle of this process?

20:30 suzboop: si @ruby-- um, it's not daniel, but i will tell the ones who would do it

20:30 suzboop:

20:30 ruby: Kewl, thanks!

20:30 akrasne: si dvd on table details this

20:30 suzboop: @ruby, i will get Gina and Britt on it, asap

20:30 suzboop: np, thx for starting it

20:30 agenthandy: si i love farmer to farmer!

20:30 akrasne: si farmers get weekly record sheet

20:30 ruby: Maybe someone official can blog it, I also did @


20:31 akrasne: si service supplier collect info, does quality check, goes to office, digitizes it

20:31 suzboop: ok, i will get it pushed to home page of net2

20:31 suzboop: (with all my omnipotence)

20:31 agenthandy: si the impact is really felt after the harvest

20:31 agenthandy: si annual analysis

20:31 akrasne: si only make meaningful analysis after harvest. for coffee in vietnam, annual analysis

20:31 akrasne: si performance for individual farmers highlighted

20:31 akrasne: si graphs and tables

20:32 akrasne: si results in a lot of discussions, farmers in same village want to chat about farmers in same village

20:32 akrasne: si haven't linked to microlending yet, but something to think about

20:33 akrasne: si out of time f2f...one more

20:33 akrasne: si have a connection to aggregate growers into distribution channel?

20:33 suzboop: si q-- equal exchange highlight farmers in costa rica, could you do this, where you could aggregate growers coffee?

20:34 akrasne: si in vietnam farmer produce mainstream product. not be able to sell to people in starbucks

20:34 suzboop: (sorry fo rthat cavemen english)

20:34 akrasne: si in kenyan, could link to consumers, because a higher quality product. but haven't done that yet.

20:35 akrasne: si social web tools

20:35 suzboop: si final group yankana.org-- product created for helping w/ web2.0

20:35 suzboop: si came you give 2-3 examples of success?

20:36 suzboop: si answer- one exp, US school, w/bamboo walls, over estuary

20:36 suzboop: si we are search way to improve infrastrcture

20:36 suzboop: si they created blog

20:36 suzboop: si got media attention

20:36 akrasne: si 250 children. use a blog to share idea. got support they were looking for. school not over an estuary

20:36 suzboop: si got $$

20:37 akrasne: walls no longer made of bamboo

20:37 akrasne: si school no longer over an estuary

20:37 akrasne: si sorry

20:37 akrasne: si going into needs

20:38 akrasne: si reached out to university system throughout south ameirica?

20:38 suzboop: si @ruby-- you are on the Net2 home page

20:38 suzboop: hopefully this will promote this meebo back channel better

20:38 ruby: w00t!

20:38 akrasne: si create a knowledge base or tutorial, also have to give offline support

20:38 akrasne: si we are creating 3 basic types of service

20:38 ruby: Thanks, invisible hand of Net2 (probably Britt)!

20:39 akrasne: si yearly maintenance fees

20:39 akrasne: si require operational costs, when more orgs join projects, costs will be reduced

20:39 suzboop: actually gina

20:40 amoration: i'm blogging the meebo channel now too...

20:40 akrasne: si yours is the only project that defined a need in accessible web design

20:40 akrasne: si something in ecuador that made you put this down as one of three needs

20:40 ruby: Thanks, Gina & Evonne, for helping to spread the werd.

20:40 amoration: werd

20:40 suzboop: si wurd up

20:40 sonny: Spread the Weird...we need more of that

20:41 suzboop: i am taking care of the TechSoup net2 end of things folks

20:41 quixotic: bye folks!

20:41 ruby: @ Sonny, yesh we do.

20:41 suzboop: please blog this on your own blogs and tag appropriately to spread wurd

20:42 akrasne: si there's the other problem: you have many toolboxes but it's not so easy for those in developing countries to download and leverage

20:42 suzboop: si there are free tools for what you are doing, why you guys (this question gets asked a lot)

20:42 akrasne: si sustainability? is it the services that will make you money and impact?

20:42 akrasne: si what's the edge?

20:42 akrasne: si support

20:42 akrasne: si tools not being used

20:42 suzboop: si is it the support service you provide that will make the diff?

20:42 akrasne: si existing tools not being used

20:43 amoration: have a good night

20:43 suzboop: si like free blogging tools

20:43 akrasne: si orgs join and continue to use the tools., they discover on their own

20:43 suzboop: si we are hoping that we help them join digital world

20:43 akrasne: si any questions in here?

20:43 suzboop: by inkenzo (luv, glitter)

20:44 ruby2: See y'all @ the hotel!

20:44 akrasne: si we talk about web 2.0 here like it's falling off trees

20:44 akrasne: si not the case everywhere else

20:44 suzboop: si are there support groups that will help push these technologies?

20:44 suzboop: si yes, that is our offline strategy

20:45 agenthandy: si "we talk about web 2.0 in here like it's falling off trees ... and maybe it is. do you have support groups that will push the learning?"

20:45 agenthandy: <---- best

20:45 agenthandy: si we need web 2.0 support groups already!

20:45 suzboop: si re: bloggers- in 2003, big brother TV show launched

20:45 suzboop: si they created a blog about Big Brotehr

20:46 akrasne: si readers of blog turn to the show, create own blogs

20:46 suzboop: si TV network went to them, his example is about viral marketing

20:47 suzboop: si q-- have you looked at a spanish site that does what you are using/iwith.org (was that the url?)

20:47 hcronk: see everyone at the reception...

20:47 akrasne: si there is an implicit assumption that the pattern of blogging and the social web will be similar in developing world. that's an untrue assumption

20:47 suzboop: si techsoup big cheeze Daniel is asking- asssumption that web 2.0 and blogging will be as ubiquitous as it is here, naive assumption

20:48 Bbravo: If anyone is up from some audio editing, I've got the recording from this morning's presentations that I need help with. . .

20:48 suzboop: si citizen journalism- ohmynews.org, korean site

20:49 agenthandy: si what's the political impact of this resource?

20:49 akrasne: si a long-winded way of asking how you think it will evolve over time. (political, social, prodictivity mechanism)

20:49 agenthandy: si what's the impulse plug?

20:49 suzboop: si he is asking if the org is looking to do more political things, not just social, could it be political

20:49 akrasne: si organizations want to be heard

20:49 agenthandy: @britt what do you need specifically?

20:50 akrasne: si activism using technologies (last prez in 2004) president doing something people didn't want and organized via email (started by forwarding email, no censorship via this medium)

20:50 Bbravo: @agenthandy I use GarageBand and it doesn't like the 1 hr 45 minute file

20:50 suzboop: si end of talk

20:50 agenthandy: THANKS EVERYONE

20:50 akrasne: si thanks!

20:51 agenthandy: party bus at 6!

20:51 Bbravo: It basically needs to be cleaned up, cut out the spaces when people are walking up to the podium, etc.

20:51 suzboop: i can drive friends too

20:51 Bbravo: @agenthand and uploaded. That's it!

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