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Partial chat log from Meebo chat room - Day 2




Please fill in any gaps. Thanks!



13:29 quixotic: @rachel ooh, like genocide?

13:29 agenthandy: @rachel YES -> REAL TOOLS

13:29 rachelweidinger: and for founders who are aware of existing tech & not reinventing the wheel.

13:29 suzboop: es a dollar a day for leadership education

13:30 agenthandy: si we'll be developing niche sites that aggregate around a feed

13:30 agenthandy: si it's a feed

13:30 agenthandy: si for rallying around causes

13:30 quixotic: es chi school of business: pricing as allocation -- who's actually going to use what you're selling?

13:30 agenthandy: si how do you rally the apathetic

13:31 quixotic: es sorry, i typed that, but i don't really understand it

13:31 agenthandy: si you get them hooked on one persons story

13:31 agenthandy: si get hooked on a story

13:31 agenthandy: si mainstream media partnerships

13:31 agenthandy: si ?

13:31 agenthandy: si yes

13:31 quixotic: es audience time for gwln

13:31 agenthandy: si the coolest thing is social innovation

13:32 quixotic: es q: in add'n to training, some $ for online leadership tools?

13:32 agenthandy: si the network is taking care of the connections

13:32 agenthandy: si but it's outreach around the world

13:32 agenthandy: si that matters

13:32 quixotic: es a: can create modules for education -- reusable learning for our network

13:32 quixotic: es p2p network

13:32 quixotic: es a variety of learning objects

13:33 quixotic: es bulk of budget from here out is in-country programs

13:33 Meebo Message: guest2035 is now known as agenthandy

13:33 agenthandy: si english is first focus

13:33 quixotic: es tech platform in those countries

13:33 agenthandy: si these are the real issues

13:33 agenthandy: si the type of storytelling that needs to be done, isn't happening

13:33 agenthandy: si only blurbs right now

13:33 agenthandy: si not a perpetual domain for the voices

13:33 agenthandy: si no connection between entrep. and media

13:34 agenthandy: si trying to catalize growth of the network

13:34 agenthandy: si broker for big networks

13:34 agenthandy: si wider public needs access

13:34 quixotic: @agenthandy is the storytelling a need, though? it would inspire people to social change, perhaps, but so would getting stories from people actually benefiting from social change....

13:34 agenthandy: si you know where to look, but then you're disappointed

13:35 quixotic: i guess btw stories about social innovation and stories about social change, the latter seems more interesting to me -- people on the ground rather than executives w/ corp responsibility, or whatever

13:35 hcronk: es can someone help me figure out how the global women's leadership network is innovative?

13:35 hcronk: es i must be missing something

13:35 agenthandy: si do you invest in the person or put something toward need?

13:35 quixotic: es can we support men who are progressive?

13:36 rachelweidinger: @hcronk- appropriate training tools delivered in language by mobile device.

13:36 agenthandy: si motivating for creating more entre.

13:36 quixotic: (i don't think there are any men who are progressive )

13:36 quixotic: es women in partnership with men

13:36 agenthandy: @quix are you in si

13:36 agenthandy: ?

13:36 quixotic: no i'm in es...you wouid think so,though

13:37 agenthandy: si now they're talking about grouping up to make more impact

13:37 quixotic: es frankly this is a silly q to me

13:37 agenthandy: @quix do you want me to ask this ? to them ... can you have a bit more consis?

13:37 tantek: ti greetings. mozilla guy mentioned microformats


and hCard


13:37 agenthandy: consise?

13:37 agenthandy: i can't spell

13:37 quixotic: i have no fear men will show up and volunteer to be leaders...to a fault...

13:37 quixotic: @agenthandy -- sure, the consise version is

13:37 agenthandy: si they want to work with local orgs

13:38 rachelweidinger: @quix - (genocide) i think a greater danger will be everyone killing everyone in the resource-scarce future . i'm looking for training tools that will lead to survival tools for communities in crisis. we can talk.

13:38 guest8209: ti


13:38 Meebo Message: guest8209 is now known as kenny'd1

13:38 quixotic: @agenthandy: what's the direct connection btw stories about innovators and social change?

13:38 quixotic: i want them to connect the dots explicitly

13:38 amoration: es what can we do with Nabuur, with Big Bros/Big Sis

13:38 agenthandy: ok

13:38 agenthandy: ty

13:38 amoration: yes please Quixotic....forge real partnerships?

13:39 quixotic: @rachel -- definitely. there's a significant part of the darfur conflict driven by desertification

13:39 ruby: es Q to all projects: How do you feed about advertising?

13:39 agenthandy: si there are a lot of platforms, content that is inspiring is the key

13:39 agenthandy: si A not THE platform

13:39 eweinb04: gave up on writing my entry and just made a list of the few projects I liked

13:39 agenthandy: si is what they want to be

13:40 quixotic: es Genocide Intervention Network advertises, but in terms of ads on our sites we dont' really use that revenue model

13:40 quixotic: es not about earned-income

13:41 amoration: es good question on internet advertising and revenue, is it a suitable model for these orgs? most of these groups are not going for millions of page views.

13:41 tantek: ti @eschipul, you asked "is there a microformat for social causes?" the answer is yes, every social cause should have a website describing what they do, along with a contact page for how to get in touch with them and how to get involved.

13:41 amoration: at least, not right now.

13:41 agenthandy: si examples:

13:41 agenthandy: si finding staff

13:41 agenthandy: si "how to change the world" book

13:41 amoration: es Nabuur doesn't need internet ad $

13:41 quixotic: es aspiration: we are community-driven, we would want to know what our users thought about ads

13:41 agenthandy: si if you look at the broader implications of blogg (kiva) broader audience spikes awareness and traffic for their cause

13:42 tantek: ti That contact page should be marked up with hCard, including tags/categories for all the keywords that that social cause wants to be associated with, along with an "Add to Address Book" link.

13:42 quixotic: es gunner will never use doubleclick ads....have never clicked on a banner ad in 16 years

13:42 agenthandy: si operational details .... going where the spiriti is

13:42 agenthandy: si sharing knowledge

13:42 agenthandy: si stories for inspiration

13:42 tantek: ti That link allows users to one-click add that social cause to their address book, sync it with their phone etc. See


for a how-to.

13:42 agenthandy: si @quix this is the answers for ya <-----

13:42 quixotic: es joomla getting money from google ads on their support fora

13:43 quixotic: @agenthandy thx

13:43 agenthandy: ty

13:43 agenthandy: good work

13:43 quixotic: es about delivering value to community -- what purpose the ads serve

13:43 amoration: gunner's humor doesn't translate as well to meebo.

13:43 agenthandy: @quix i have some personal answers for your question on stories

13:44 quixotic: es q: crazy ideas for what will happen in 5 yrs? new types of financial sustainability that will emerge in near future?

13:44 agenthandy: voting criteria we've identified:

13:44 quixotic: es a: cooperatives. combining techs (solar powered wifi grid to purify water)

13:44 agenthandy: -> not recreating the wheel

13:44 quixotic: es need $0-10 mobile phone tech

13:44 quixotic: es need it NOW

13:45 quixotic: hates mobile phones

13:45 agenthandy: -> actual tool that does something helpful (hopefully new)

13:46 quixotic: es engaging for-profits in monetization (sp?) of assets -- contributions that is not $ that monetized by for-profit...so people don't have to pay $ for freecycle, e.g.

13:46 quixotic: es of top 100 economic entities, 51 are corporations.

13:46 tantek: Firefox seems to work better than Camino 1.0.4 for Meebo (much fewer rainbow cursors of death).

13:46 quixotic: es source commons -- gift economy

13:47 quixotic: es search for "source tree commons" on omidyar network

13:47 amoration: but rainbow cursors of death sound like so much fun!

13:47 amoration: sourcetree commons = art brock, geek gene in denver

13:47 amoration: currency and flow systems in open source platforms.

13:47 micah: meebo says my last message wasn't delivered

13:47 quixotic: too long?

13:47 micah: I am lamenting that in a discussion of economic sustainability

13:48 micah: not one person mentions government funding

13:48 micah: it's ronald Reagan's victory

13:48 ruby: es Interesting point, Micah.

13:48 quixotic: i should have said that part of our fundraising model is that individual donations to peacekeeping in darfur act as a catalyst for gov't funding --

13:49 ruby: es Silicon Valley is very capitalistic.

13:49 quixotic: legislators feel embarassed that their constituents are giving $20 to peacekeeping and they're not allocating anything

13:49 quixotic: at least that's the hope

13:49 hcronk: @quix: have you found that to be effective?

13:50 micah: at least GIN is trying to leverage government action

13:50 ruby: es Random complaint: The video camera for this session is in a place that minimizes views of people's faces. It is catching the back of projects heads more than anything else.

13:50 micah: most of these projects are too piddling to make a difference

13:50 quixotic: @hcronk yes, to a certain extent. i can tell you stories sometime if you're interested

13:50 ruby: es The moderator of this session was very good.

13:51 quixotic: in particular getting, say, people who donate big bucks to a given legislator on our side, and having them call up and say that darfur is important

13:51 speechpoet: @ruby Any of those heads have real estate to rent?

13:52 quixotic: also tends to get a community mtg with legislators more easily -- e.g. "we had an event where 500 of your constituents donated to darfur...now 3 of us want to meet with you and talk about what is needed for darfur" -- that can be very effective

13:54 speechpoet: quixotic, that's a very interesting approach -- basically having people donate political capital

13:54 ruby: OMG the elevator music in Econ is horrible!

13:54 quixotic: yes

13:54 quixotic: @ruby it reminds me of a demo tune on an old keyboard i had

13:55 speechpoet: In Social Impact, we have U2.

13:55 speechpoet: The actual band.

13:55 speechpoet: They heard about the conference, dropped by.

13:55 ruby: @Speech, Nice. Net2 spares no expense.

13:57 speechpoet: ok, I'm off to get podcast clips

14:13 Meebo Message: guest6642 is now known as kanter

14:13 kanter:


14:13 kanter: live broadcasting from panel 5

14:13 kanter: hope the stream keeps going

14:17 ruby: si Social Impact is starting!

14:19 ruby: si tough crowd, the first panelist say "I love you guys"

14:19 geodog: @micah -- too piddling - harsh




14:59 suzboop: si how do you think 500 orgs will adapt to your site, how do you expect it to succeed

14:59 ruby: I know I should just go with the flow... can't help but wonder.

15:00 geodog: I was thinking of Yahoo groups, where everyone knew orgs by their Yahoo names

15:00 geodog: when groups went down, connection to org went down

15:00 kenny'd: @tantek is there a place to learn more about these simple steps? (i'm not that technical)

15:00 tantek: @rachelweidinger, you asked a while ago: "which problems are hCards not a solution to?" hCards represent people and organizations.

15:00 tantek: there are other microformats for other types of data, like hCalendar for events, hReview for reviews, etc.

15:00 suzboop: si answer-- they know agencies want it, but the agencies want it free, and BBBS wants the orgs to pay

15:00 hcronk: es i'm a bit weary of taking notes...anyone want to take over?

15:01 tantek: @kenny'd:


, in particular, get started with hCard:


15:01 rachelweidinger: @ruby- i'm fantasize that i'll get to ask all my unanswered questions @ carnival. and maybe wear big feathers and samba.

15:01 suzboop: si they are relying on word of mouth

15:01 kenny'd: @tantek - thanks

15:02 hcronk: es "some nonprofits suck"

15:02 kanter: ed schip lays down the line!

15:02 agenthandy: go ed!

15:02 ruby: @ Rachel, ¡viva! I'm suddenly looking forward to Carnaval!

15:02 rachelweidinger: @ed.- woot!

15:03 suzboop: si nord family foundation endored this BBBS tool

15:03 tantek: @kenny'd and when u r on a net connection that allows IRC (Cisco, could you please unblock IRC ports, e.g. 6665, 6667 etc.?), check out #microformats on irc.freenode.net

15:03 quixotic: @rachel and @ruby i am wearing carnival socks

15:03 suzboop: endorsed

15:04 geodog: where get geathers?

15:04 geodog: feathers?

15:04 suzboop: si who is this guy?

15:04 ruby: So who is providing the alcohol for Carnival? Seems like an essential ingredient.

15:04 suzboop: si the one talking now?

15:04 amoration: so if you give tools to a nonprofit that sucks, they might still suck...

15:05 amoration: not sure where this conversation is going.

15:05 ruby: @Suz it's Ed Schipul

15:05 agenthandy: si ed schipel (think may have spelled wrong)

15:05 quixotic: job posting for the Genocide Intervention Network -- like us? come work for us!


15:05 hcronk: @amoration: at least it's entertaining

15:05 amoration: haha true

15:05 ericaogrady: Schipul is correct

15:05 quixotic: it/web, membership, coo, development positions

15:05 rachelweidinger: any demands anyone wants to place on projects before voting for them? (go ed!)

15:05 amoration: back to blogging...

15:05 hcronk: es family farmed is up

15:05 hcronk: es "i don't think we suck"

15:05 agenthandy: @rachel gives back to the community!

15:06 agenthandy: accountability checks

15:06 rachelweidinger: ed is a suuuper smart guy in understanding how software can bring (lots of) the nonprofit sector cloer to goals.

15:06 rachelweidinger: closer

15:06 ruby: I'm actually reading the booklet descriptions of projects now. I'm getting a ton more from reading for 2 minutes than I got from listening for 5 minutes.

15:06 hcronk: organizational assessment and SWOT analysis -- i don't think many of these projects have taken those rudimentary steps

15:06 ruby: si damn, ed.

15:06 ericaogrady: Ed just rocks. That's why he's my mentor

15:06 geodog: @ruby - smart, i will do same

15:07 rachelweidinger: ed's pitching hardballs. i'm all for it.

15:07 ruby: si Kabossa 2.0 up next.

15:07 ruby: er, Kabissa.

15:08 rachelweidinger: maybe i'll use carnival to wear feathers AND clarify pre-vote demands.

15:08 suzboop: si web 2.0 emabssadors to help orgs that help africa embrace web 2.0

15:08 kenny'd: metrics. Projects needs to have goals with metrics

15:08 suzboop: si this org predates web 2.0, though, so what did they used to do b/4 web 2.0

15:08 hcronk: es familyfarmed is looking to be the local farmers' trade show...interesting

15:09 Meebo Message: guest113 is now known as factoryjoe

15:09 factoryjoe: hmm

15:09 amoration: I'd love to see a SWOT shooting gallery in visual form here....

15:09 suzboop: si kabissa thinks web 2.0 needs to be easier

15:09 agenthandy: info on what a carnival is here:


15:09 factoryjoe: si people don't sit on their laptops all the time in africa?

15:09 rachelweidinger: @hcronk- is family farmed talking about anything more than (great sounding) marketing?

15:09 agenthandy: si secret lovers!

15:09 suzboop: si q- what is your current reach?

15:10 ruby: LUV! <3 <3 <3

15:10 geodog: I'd like for there to be time for the audience to talk among themselves -- think of the jury in the jury room

15:10 suzboop: si they work w/ 1000 grass roots orgs in sub saharan africa

15:10 geodog: plus I think better while interacting with people

15:10 rachelweidinger: @geodog- love it!

15:11 factoryjoe: si i wonder what mentorship they would provide for the web 2.0 mentors...?

15:11 factoryjoe: si particularly about african culture...

15:11 ruby: @Geodog, good suggestion.

15:11 hcronk: @rachel: yes...i'm just having a hard time keeping up. largely talking about what markets they can move into and how to generate revenue from farmers if they're providing a useful service

15:11 rachelweidinger: @factoryjoe- yes! ask!

15:11 ruby: I would just like more interaction, period.

15:11 tantek: @geodog++

15:12 suzboop: si q- how is this project demand-driven? what demands in africa are there?

15:12 factoryjoe: si good question about demand-side aspects of web 2.0

15:12 geodog: si i'm sorry, i know this is petty, but seeing two white folks, one in a dashiki, advocacy tech for africa ....

15:12 suzboop: si answr- they found orgs wanted to understnad new tech trends

15:12 suzboop: si intro to what is possible w/ new tech was what excited the orgs

15:13 hcronk: es familyfarmed has learned not to rely on foundations (did that and interest dried up), so they're looking for earned income and profit-generating model

15:13 factoryjoe: si it takes folks who like the non-participants to get participation...

15:13 ruby: si @ Geodog, good point. Funny how few of the projects working in the developing world have indigenous leadership/.

15:13 hcronk: es Q: why exist? there are others doing this

15:13 factoryjoe: si the cost of getting here for indigienous folks is not trivial

15:13 suzboop: si net2 would send people, we did have budget for that

15:14 Meebo Message: guest6484 is now known as micah

15:14 micah: geodog +++

15:14 ruby: si Chris from Packard asking a Q.

15:14 micah: geodog+++

15:14 hcronk: es A: actually, not much competition -- not much overlap...except for "buy local" campaigns (though partnerships with those are possible)

15:14 suzboop: si missed Q-- anyone?

15:14 ruby: @FactoryJoe, but NetSqaured pays for the projects' travel.

15:14 factoryjoe: si does peace corps do any work in this area?

15:15 factoryjoe: si @ruby -- ok, good point

15:15 suzboop: @ruby-- that is what i meant above, but you said it more articulately

15:15 geodog: maybe at least we could have the back channel folks meet over lunch to compare notes and thoughts re "votes"

15:15 micah: ti the peace corps? but that's a govt program!

15:15 hcronk: @geodog: yes! i'd love that!

15:15 micah: @geodog ++to backchannel lunch BOF

15:16 rachelweidinger: @geodog: hells yes.

15:16 agenthandy: @GEO Y!

15:16 geodog: outside, next to pool/fountain

15:16 geodog: everybody welcome, but agenda, how do we voete

15:16 suzboop: si does anyone know what kabissa used to do b/4 web 2.0?

15:16 agenthandy: @suz nope

15:16 agenthandy: good ?

15:16 kenny'd: what's the peacecorps question? while the program is gov run, they do great stuff

15:16 rachelweidinger: @geodog/ etc. we'll then need to campaign for them, iffin we want them to actually win.

15:17 suzboop: si they have been around as a listserv for years

15:17 hcronk: es could familyfarmed be the standard in restaurants for locally-grown food?

15:17 rachelweidinger: @factoryjoe +++

15:18 ruby: Voting question: do we get to pick 3 or ...?

15:18 suzboop: si Q- what work are you doing to prepare mentors in african communties and how would you support them?

15:18 rachelweidinger: @ruby- we get 3 wooden nickles to distribute as we wish.'

15:18 suzboop: si answr_ they will have skype, concall, and volunteer coordiantor at kabissa on staff

15:18 ruby: @ Rachel. Seriously?

15:18 hcronk: es yes. they have a logo and are set up to do that, as well as to get revenue from farmers who use the seal.

15:18 hcronk: es who's the target market?

15:18 geodog: seriously

15:18 hcronk: es customers and middlemen

15:19 rachelweidinger: (color corrected) @ruby- we get 3 wooden nickles to distribute as we wish. seriiously

15:19 hcronk: i'm excited about my wooden nickels

15:19 ruby: Don't they say "don't take wooden nickels?"

15:19 rachelweidinger: @hcronk- don't you keep them as souveniers!

15:19 hcronk: aw, damn...

15:20 hcronk: the flaw in the plan!!

15:20 ruby: On December 5, 1931, the Citizen's Bank of Tenino, Washington (pronounced 10-9-OH) failed and created a shortage of money. This left the merchants of the area unable to get change without traveling about 30 miles over mountainous roads in automobiles ill suited to that purpose, on roads that were built for horses and mules to traverse. The average round trip was about four hours. Much too long for merchants to be gone from their stores. A meeting of the Chamber of Commerce resulted in the local newspaper printing up the first issue of wooden money in the United States.


15:20 hcronk: es what can you do to increase trust for consumers?

15:20 ruby:


15:20 hcronk: es standards and quantification of values is key

15:21 geodog: anybody know anything about the Innovator support network and Bring Light?

15:21 geodog: at 3:15


15:21 hcronk: @ruby: i like that the wooden nickels come factory direct to me

15:22 rachelweidinger: new color: pink for projects you want more info on.

15:22 ruby: LOL Tantek.

15:22 agenthandy: @pink love it

15:22 hcronk: es innovatorz is up

15:22 micah: my peacecorps snark is not an attack on the peace corps

15:22 agenthandy: @geo nope

15:22 kenny'd: @ es - could someone ask family farmed about partners? other people are doing this stuff like


and other groups in other states

15:22 suzboop: si exampke-- ambassadors will be available to groups as mentiors, to provide access

15:23 ruby: @Geo, we're in the dark.

15:23 micah: i am just grumpy

15:23 suzboop: sorry that was so obnoxious in cursive

15:23 rachelweidinger: familyfarmed: are they building a market? or a community?

15:23 hcronk: es familyfarmed is already done...sorry...

15:23 micah: the whole frame of what we're discussing is assuming the govt is not an actor

15:23 micah: with a few exceptions

15:23 micah: we need to dream bigger

15:23 rachelweidinger: (from any session)

15:23 agenthandy: for carnival, right?

15:24 suzboop: si they see themselves as tech asssistance providers, partners to groups in africa

15:24 geodog: what do you mean, micah -- the gov't gets to decide who is a non-proft 501c3?

15:24 geodog: snark

15:24 rachelweidinger: just asking the meebo'ers. will ask @ carnival too.

15:24 micah: no, the changes we want to achieve still need BIG actors...

15:24 geodog: this isn't about changing the framet

15:24 hcronk: es innovatorz is looking for sponsorship dollars, licensing, fees from innovators who want exposure, a couch for jesse...

15:24 micah: it's what I meant by "piddling" before

15:24 suzboop: si end of kabissa

15:25 hcronk: es Q: how big is your market?

15:25 micah: not every project here is piddling in its ambition but i have heard very little about

15:25 hcronk: es A: big

15:25 geodog: vote conversation outside by fountain

15:25 quixotic: responded to laura's post requesting more information with the Genocide Intervention Network's info:


15:25 micah: leveraging BIG action

15:25 micah: which is something that government is for, or used to be until the Republicans starting running things

15:25 ruby: LUNCH TIME!

15:26 rachelweidinger: get to the fountain!

15:26 micah: but we have to revive that ambition

15:26 hcronk: es still in session...

15:26 quixotic: does anyone want to do affinity groups during lunch?

15:26 quixotic: any topics/technologies/issues we want to converse on?

15:26 quixotic: we can self-organize and then hold up signs...

15:27 quixotic: ti also still in session

15:27 quixotic: ti q: does youthassets have experience showing orphans will be interested in the info, podcasts, etc?

15:28 tantek: I CAN HAS LUNCH?

15:28 hcronk: es earned income strategy for innovatorz is from foundations

15:28 hcronk: (is that earned media?)

15:28 hcronk: es why are you a nonprofit?

15:28 quixotic: ti a: you can't trick kids by embedding things in entertainment. at the carnival there will be a short video with a previous orphan from swaziland

15:29 hcronk: es got $25K in a grant, so developed a nonprofit

15:30 quixotic: ti done

15:30 hcronk: es Q: who's your audience?

15:31 hcronk: es A: people trying to influence systems, people trying to invest, policymakers, young people who want to change the world

15:32 factoryjoe: time for food

15:32 quixotic: off to lunch...

15:35 hcronk: es Q: why not partner with existing networks that make sense?

15:36 hcronk: es A: we're talking about merging into orgs like ashoka, social edge, TIG, etc.

15:37 hcronk: es Q: what do you have that's not already out there?

15:37 hcronk: es A: ability to get stories out there with rich media

16:07 Meebo Message: guest4601 is now known as peterdeitz

16:07 peterdeitz: hello

16:15 guest9884: hello peter

16:19 rachelweidinger: eval grid available here:


16:20 rachelweidinger: share/ use as you wish, buttercups!

16:29 eschipul: Rachel - that spreadsheet is a huge help! Someone tell the twitter-voting-fountain-meetup...

16:29 ruby: Ed, it came from the fountain meetup.

16:30 rachelweidinger: @ed. thanks.

16:30 ruby: I shall twitter it.

16:30 rachelweidinger: @ruby- smooches.

16:32 ruby: Tweeted:


16:36 Meebo Message: guest3888 is now known as agenthandy

16:36 agenthandy:


16:36 agenthandy: another

16:36 rachelweidinger: our toughness is astonishing.

16:39 agenthandy: scary!

16:49 eschipul: The Canon Camera Stick of Death

16:50 agenthandy: lol

16:55 ruby: Someone actually has mardi gras beads and feather boas. It really is carnival!

16:55 speechpoet: If nothing else, they'll win the prize for Most Flickred Project

16:55 ruby: Why couldn't they just tell us this was going to be an expo format?

16:55 ruby: Would that have been so hard?

16:56 ruby: I want to finish writing my Big Blog Entry, but I feel like I must visit projects.

16:56 ruby: How long do we have for this?

16:56 speechpoet: Until 2:20

16:57 ruby: The mini program says one hour, ie: 2:50.

16:57 amoration: ecuadorian chocolate tastes like ball o'smore

16:57 speechpoet: oh, you're right...

16:57 ruby: Going to walk around now...

16:57 speechpoet: I was going by the beginning of voting, but the carnival goes on

16:58 Meebo Message: guest1801 is now known as geodog

16:58 geodog: spreadsheet is where?

16:59 geodog: thanks, found it

16:59 geodog:


17:01 eschipul: Voting. We knew this day would come. Yet still tough.

17:06 ruby: OK, I took a few pictures and have now decided that I can prepare better by reading the booklet than by hearing people's pitches for 2nd or 5th time.

17:11 Meebo Message: guest6452 is now known as hcronk

17:11 hcronk: @ruby: you look very, very studious. impressive.

17:12 ruby: @hcronk: Brain slowly creaking along...

17:14 ruby: I'm also copy editing the projects as I go. I am a Grammar Dork,

17:15 hcronk: @ruby: as am i. go forth!

17:17 rachelweidinger: my brain hurts. eval grid link:


17:21 ruby: Someone just pointed out to me that you don't have to vote for three. You can put all your nickels on one, or two on one and one on another.

17:22 rachelweidinger: fact

17:22 ruby: Not ready!


17:28 tantek:


17:29 tantek: pw: icanhaswiki

17:33 ruby: Cool, Tantek. What content should we be wiki-ing?

17:34 ruby: I am very much wishing that I had read these descriptions in the book, BEFORE the panels?

17:37 hcronk: @ruby: if you had read them beforehand, as i did, then the panels would have been disappointing and confusing. you're better off reading afterward...

17:39 ruby: @hcronk, That makes me feel better. Thanks for justifying my procrastination.

17:39 tantek: I had trouble following efforts vs. URLs.

17:42 geodog: voted -- it feels good to have it over

17:44 hcronk: ok, some of us have voted and some of us are still getting our nickels together. is there a mechanism to actually "de-vote" for projects? can i take nickels OUT of a project's jar?

18:02 ruby: Whew, I did it!

18:02 ruby: Ditto, Geodog

18:05 rachelweidinger: seth & i need ride(s) back to SF. anybody got space?

18:06 ruby: @Rachel, I'm driving to SFO after this.

18:06 ruby: Depending on time, I could go all the way into the city.

18:13 eschipul: Seth says he has downloaded 2TB of porn on the cisco network today. just sayin'

18:13 eschipul: and he is telling us about "gummy bear" implants. Who is this guy????

18:13 rachelweidinger: definitely a guy you want in your car on the way home.

18:17 eschipul: Rachel says "that cake looks really good" and she wants me to do a netsquared blog post on it!? OK, folks, we have tiredness going on over here.

18:21 ruby: FYI, I just posted the first half of three-year rant about NTC/NET2 here:


18:23 ruby: how Bring Light this different from


18:23 ruby: "offer"? blech.

18:23 agenthandy: anyone needs a ride, i also have room!

18:23 agenthandy: first?

18:24 ruby: sorry I was typign and eating ice crea, @ the same time.

18:24 Meebo Message: guest1341 is now known as kanter

18:24 kanter: posted "just three words video" on blip

18:24 ruby: What I meant to say was How is Bring Light different than Change.org?

18:24 kanter:


18:24 kanter: video editing took two pieces of cake and half an ice cream

18:25 hcronk: how is bring light different than changing the present?


18:25 geodog: why are we being pitched at?

18:25 hcronk: and why haven't they talked to me/us at pledgebank?


18:25 agenthandy: @geo was just wondering that

18:25 hcronk: bleah...

18:26 geodog: @ruby ++ on your post, look forward to reading more

18:26 agenthandy: authentication IS a big issue

18:26 hcronk: and why can these folks use the projector, but the projects couldn't? (for the visual learners)

18:26 agenthandy: is that different?

18:26 ruby: I hope these people gave Net2 a lot of money to be taking up our time today.

18:27 hcronk: and "juju the wonder kitten" was authenticated?

18:27 ruby: hcronk ++++ !!!!!

18:27 Meebo Message: guest7304 is now known as micah

18:27 micah: ruby++

18:27 agenthandy: humane efforts prob

18:27 rachelweidinger: someone promise me they are not speaking for an hour.

18:28 ruby: This is all stuff that Change.org is already doing.

18:28 geodog: this is a little offensive

18:28 hcronk: how do they know that groups really persist? they just launched today!!

18:28 ruby: @Rachel, only as long as it takes to count the nickels.

18:28 rachelweidinger: i'll go help.

18:28 rachelweidinger:

18:28 kanter: me too

18:28 hcronk: me too

18:29 geodog: "most unique"?

18:29 agenthandy: me4

18:29 ruby: "Brand" barf!




18:52 ruby: micah ++

18:52 rachelweidinger: might be harmful to people seeking funding.

18:52 quixotic: yeah i agree

18:53 rachelweidinger: ((which might not be bad)

18:53 quixotic: everyone was finalists

18:53 quixotic: so everyone was a winner


18:53 geodog: why vote? why a contest?

18:53 speechpoet: 3rd place: Freecycle

18:54 micah: Hotel bar, 7pm?

18:54 rachelweidinger: netsquared= earned revenue play for techsoup.

18:54 geodog: leaving for Berkeley in 15 minutes, have room in my car to take others

18:54 rachelweidinger: he forgot to thank god.

18:54 geodog: miro?

18:54 speechpoet: 2nd: Miro

18:54 speechpoet: aka Democracy Player

18:55 ruby: Seme slike geekier projects did well

18:55 huyz: yay! maplight

18:55 geodog: maplight.org

18:55 quixotic:


18:55 huyz: i had predcited maplight and freecycle

18:55 huyz: miro sneaked in

18:55 huyz:

18:55 ruby: Congrats, MAPlight.

18:55 factoryjoe: wow

18:55 factoryjoe: nice

18:55 factoryjoe: all tech projects...

18:56 speechpoet: nice gracious and short speech

18:56 factoryjoe: maybe a little odd...

18:56 quixotic: yeah i was a little surprised at that

18:56 ruby: Rub it in, Daniel.

18:56 hcronk: there wasn't a single non-white male up there, was there?

18:56 huyz: huh?

18:56 quixotic: but i guess techie VCs like techie projects

18:56 ruby: @hcronk, yep. Shock.

18:56 quixotic: and white male VCs like white male projects...

18:56 hcronk: that came across wrong...nothing to do with non-married...

18:56 ruby: it would be cool for more nonprofits to get to vote.

18:57 rachelweidinger: @hcronk. ha!

18:57 quixotic: hotel bar 5pm!

18:57 geodog: lol

18:57 huyz: go white males! they're people too heheheh

18:57 micah: 5pm it is

18:57 quixotic: ...did I overhear someone advising the GWLN to take "women" out of their name?

18:57 quixotic: aw that's like three hours...

18:57 factoryjoe: srsly?

18:57 amoration: you'll have to get the head start for us

18:57 tantek: paper forms? DO NOT WANT!

18:58 factoryjoe: tantek++

18:58 hcronk: and the backpatting begins...

18:58 tantek:


(note feedback section)

18:58 quixotic: haha...where's surveymonkey when you need it...

18:58 missrogue: is there a Twitter option?


18:58 ruby: @geodog.

18:58 hcronk: let's mention cisco one more time...not enough recognition (ha!)

18:58 ruby: make that

18:59 huyz: go CISCO. awesome wifi

18:59 kenny'd: I'd like to thank jetblue for flying me here and the vta for their local transit services

18:59 quixotic: were they real nickels?

18:59 quixotic: i didn't get to expedrience the voting

18:59 factoryjoe: cisco cisco cisco

18:59 ruby: @tantek, what's the wiki PW again?

18:59 tantek: icanhaswiki

18:59 amoration: real wooden nickels, yes

18:59 ruby: thx

18:59 quixotic: cool

18:59 quixotic: they should give them away as memorabilia

18:59 quixotic: not enough schwag

18:59 quixotic:

18:59 factoryjoe: didn't you get your bag?

18:59 quixotic: yes yes

18:59 amoration: (i put two in your box quixotic, ask them for one to keep)

18:59 quixotic: i was being facetious

18:59 huyz: i drank up my schwag last night

19:00 tantek: giving them away would be better than landfilling them

19:00 missrogue: what would one do with a wooden nickle, anyway? couldn't buy a pop or anything

19:00 quixotic: freecycle them!

19:00 missrogue: I already got my ice cream

19:00 missrogue: oh yeah...freecycle!

19:00 quixotic: i'll post a request on the san jose freecycle

19:00 amoration: see, now there's collaboration

19:00 micah: i'm bummed that genocide intervention network didn't win

19:01 quixotic: aw thanks micah

19:01 factoryjoe: i think people should be trained in conference behavior etiquette

19:01 ruby: Can't get into the wiki, PW doesn't work.

19:01 quixotic: we're always open to independent donations...

19:01 hcronk: @micah...i'm floored, actually

19:01 hcronk: thought that was a done deal!

19:01 missrogue: standing

19:01 hcronk: sorry, ivan!

19:01 quixotic: @hcronk, no prob, but i'm afraid you won't get your check

19:01 amoration: me too Micah, GINET was most innovative of the bunch IMO in social networking, transparency

19:02 quixotic: well clearly there should have been a backchannel vote...

19:02 hcronk: @quix: well, i take it back, then...

19:02 ruby: @factory joe, such as...?

19:02 tantek: @ruby - whoa that is weird

19:02 * tantek goes to reset the password

19:02 micah: well, i just saw GInet as having the greatest social impact

19:02 factoryjoe: like when a boss asks this team to stand up and they're all kind of like shy and reluctant

19:02 factoryjoe: s/this/the

19:03 quixotic: i think there should have been balloons and confetti at the awards program

19:03 quixotic: whine whine

19:03 micah: hotel bar 5pm

19:03 geodog: headed off to Berkeley, nice to chat with y'all, see you at the next one

19:03 amoration: whine whine into wine wine

19:03 tantek: password fixed

19:03 tantek: @ruby - retry

19:03 ruby: THX, I'm in.

19:04 eweinb04: have the winners been announced yet?

19:04 amoration: yup

19:04 huyz: bye folks

19:04 huyz: nice hanging out

19:04 quixotic: bye

19:04 huyz: see yall at nettuesday

19:04 hcronk: @eweinb: 3rd was freecycle, 2nd was miro, 1st was maplight

19:05 quixotic: i think there must be a genre of immediate post-conference leaving-music technopop

19:05 ruby: 4:20!

19:06 hcronk: @quix: i want that CD

19:06 quixotic: convention center beats: the best of

19:06 ruby: I can hang around for a while. See y'all @ the hotel bar, unless someone has a better suggestion...

19:07 ruby: Also, have room for 3 in my car to SFO and maybe beyond.

19:07 quixotic: i wish there were a ride board

19:07 quixotic: ruby, when are you going to sfo?

19:08 quixotic: i will be here tonight and then i'll be in SF until sunday if anyone is around...but i could use a ride to SF in the morning i can take the train from SFO

19:08 fromperu: hi

19:09 fromperu: hi

19:09 eweinb04: thanks hcronk for the info

19:10 ruby: Sorry Ivan, I'm going tonight. 7-ish.

19:10 quixotic: ok

19:12 fromperu: Who are the winners?

19:13 factoryjoe: freecycle, miro and maplight

19:13 amoration: winners: freecycle 3rd, miro 2nd, maplight won.

19:13 fromperu: What is miro?

19:15 eschipul: c ya!

19:16 hcronk: miro = democracy player

19:16 fromperu: ok

19:16 eweinb04: bye all

19:17 ruby: Bye, EMily.

19:19 amoration: bye beautiful N2Y2 meeebogeeks

19:20 hcronk: bye, all

19:22 agenthandy: xo

20:05 arjunsingh: Hello

20:06 arjunsingh: everybody should be at receptions or sleeping i guess

20:42 seth: everyone gone?

23:16 gina: this is pretty funny

23:19 gina: and there's someone here?

23:19 gina: wondering if i can get a feed of this. i guess i'll ask ruby. ah well.

23:26 guest8235: no feed, but some of us have saved the evidence

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